My goal each day is to foster an atmosphere where employees feel like they are part of the family and customers are proud to call us one of their vendors.


At Clean Source Property Maintenance we believe the best work for our customers comes from employees that are happy to be working for the company.

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To provide high quality property maintenance services to multi-family customers at a price that works for both the employees and the customers.

Our maintenance crews are made up of individuals that come from a wide variety of backgrounds.  Most of our work it taught to crew members during our training process.  All supervisory and management positions are promoted from within.  Full time employees receive high hourly wage, health care benefit, and accrued time off.  Necessary qualifications for a position are:

  • Must have a valid drivers licence
  • Must be able to lift more than 50 lbs throughout the day
  • Must be able to work from heights and off ladders
  • Must be hard working and show up to work on time
  • Must be able to present themselves in a clean and professional manner


Our model seems to be working well as many of our employees have worked for us for years and our customers keep referring us new business daily.

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One company, one mission.